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Stress testing spray booms with Solid Works


Our accessible Feds

One very special group that makes this venture possible is the team at the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority.  The NZ CAA has recently cemented their position, as a world class operator, by signing a Bilateral Recognition Agreement with the FAA on all FAR 23 & Far27 products.

A culture that rewards determination

Because NZ is so small (and because our system is user pays) smaller operators with an appetite for the rigors of the certification process can achieve great things.  Our CAA, whilst being stringent and world class are accessible and nimble, bringing projects to fruition in a very timely fashion.


Do you have a need?

Airlift is keen to collaborate.  So if you have need of a product, we are here to help!

Fulfilling a need

Airlift believe the best way to develop an effective product is to start with a clear brief.  To that end Airlift conduct extensive enquiry into the needs of the client. 

The most popular solution

This can present its challenges, as getting Ag pilots to agree on what represents the perfect solution to a given requirement can be like herding cats!  By reaching out to as many operators as possible, we strive to create products that do the most, for the most people, most of the time.

Local Talent

All of us at Airlift Technologies are immensely proud of our products.  We are extremely fortunate to live in a country that, whilst small, has an abundance of talent in the fields of Specialist Composites Manufacture, and Aviation.  



NAAA members



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