Airlift Technologies specialize in the design, manufacture and sale of helicopter specific aerial application systems.


Our focus is on producing the highest quality, most durable spray systems on the market

We rely heavily on operator feedback, to ensure we deliver products that work the way they should.



Our mission is to support the global agriculture industry with future-proofed aerial application solutions that: 

  • Improve the operator’s consumer experience of the equipment.

  • Provide greater safety and liability margins in terms of spray drift mitigation.

  • Provide greater operator profit margin by supplying ever increasing real-time decision support

  • Maximize grower return, whilst improving the planet for future generations.

Airlift Technologies headquarters

Simon James
Managing Director
Kim Steedman
Wayne Riddell
Workshop Manager
Hayden Steedman
IT CAD specialist

“I have been very impressed with the R-66 as an agricultural spray helicopter, but it wouldn’t be possible without the Airlift Technologies spray system.  The superior quality and engineering is unlike anything ever offered in the aerial application market.  Pilot workload is tremendously reduced while productivity increased with a system that works flawlessly!  I couldn’t be happier with this setup and look forward to other products produced by Airlift Technologies.”   

— Chad Egan

Helicrops LLC